Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Congrats Barak Obama!
And, thank you John McCain, your class showed tonight, even if your audience didn't share it.

I voted

I got to my polling place at about 6:50 or so, and waited until about 7:40 to vote. In the first 40 minutes, 240 people voted ahead of me! That's normally the count by mid-late afternoon!

It, without doubt, is going to be an interesting day.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Sony CDX-2180

Today's helpful random tidbit that Jeff couldn't find with Google:
I have a Sony CDX-2180 car radio (complete with its...get this... 1BIT-D/A converter!). Anyway, ever since I changed the battery in the car, the radio defaults to not show the clock (in case your car doesn't turn off the power to the radio with the key, apparently).

Anyway, the answer on how to fix this is to press and hold SOUND and then hit off. That toggles the display for me, anyway.