Friday, December 21, 2007

Hallmark doesn't Grok the Web

So, if you go to right now you'll see:


but our site is temporarily unavailable while we mark down merchandise for our big After-Christmas Sale.
If you'd like to be notified by e-mail as soon as we're back online, please enter your e-mail address and click the Submit button.
Thank you.

Um, excuse me? What, you've got store staff running around your server room marking down merchandise?

Quite unlikely.

No site that large needs to do this. Even if they needed to see what the day-after Christmas would look like, they most certainly have internal development sites. Furthermore, I would be surprised if their database couldn't handle what the cost of all items will be each day for the next six months.

Marking down merchandise is not a reason for bringing an enterprise-level website down and to say so is simply dishonest.

Besides, all I wanted to do was to send a silly free e-card anyway. I doubt that a free e-card will be any cheaper after Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Now it says they're making "improvements" to the site. I just wanted to send an e-card too.

zxcasd said...

The site has now been down for two days straight with the stock "sorry" page ("making improvements" - yeah). I can't wait for them to come back up so that I can send them a nastygram about how I'm switching vendors. Welcome to the 21st century, people - 2 days of downtime on a major internet retail site? You have to be kidding me.