Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whats on my Drivers License Bar Code?

I had wondered what was on the back of the 2D barcode on my Drivers License:

------ Begin Card
Address=[my street in all caps]
City=[my city in all caps]
Zipcode=[my zip code]
Driver License Number=[my drivers license number]
License Expiration Date=YY/YY/MMDD
License Issued Date=MM/DD/YYYY
Date of Birth=MM/DD/YYYY
Eye Color=XXX
Address Line 2=
------ End Card

I find it interesting that they've got the expiration date wrong (YMD and not MDY as the slashes would indicate), and that they just went with Inches, rather than Feet + Inches.

A program is available to decode yours, too (works for most States' Drivers Licenses).


Anonymous said...

how come everytime we go threw the airport and they check my sons bar code he gets searched. he has a juvie record for a weapons charge but he is 25 now, a father,and we were thinking something must be in that br code!

Jeff Ballard said...

It isn't so much what's on his bar code... Most probably any sort of problem like this is what his ID number matches in the TSA/airport/whatever's database.

Your Drivers License number is an identifier which is unique. That identifier is often used to look things up in a database. It would be very difficult to coordinate having all 50 states put a flag on each of their barcodes, but it would be very easy to just look up any state's ID in a database.

As far as what to do, sorry, I have no suggestions.

a said...

Interesting information, How did you scan the back and read it?

Jeff Ballard said...

I scanned it with a normal flatbed scanner and used the program referenced above to read it.